Food Provided

Dogs are healthy and Happy on Their own special food they love so please bring their food . You provide the food I provide the love and care. I will provide treats like pedigree shapes they love


Please pay at least half the payment before a holiday and final payment when you return from your holiday for the Dog or cat been cared for Thanks.

Week Times

We are closed at 6 pm however it is free to pick up your Dog Just before 12 noon the following morning if you missed your appointment time No extra cost .

At 12 noon Doggy Day Care starts and we are closed for appointments 12 noon. At 12 noon onwards a charge of €15.00 is then applied and pick up is 5pm to 6pm closed.

Early Morning to 12 noon closed for lunch. Pick up and Drop offs Daily 5pm to 6pm Closed for Dinner. 

Weekend Stays

Bernadette is available Monday to Friday weekly. Joshua is manager of the business the weekends the Saturday and Sunday .

Saturday and Sunday 5 pm to 6 pm closed for Dinner

Vaccinated, Wormed, Flee and Neutered Dogs

Please make sure all pets are vaccinated , wormed, flea treated and neutered Dogs only please . Puppies are always welcome and will need to wait till older to be neutered and that is lovely as puppies will be excepted and will be happy here as puppies.

Only friendly dogs

Only friendly dogs please as it is a home environment .

Emergency vet visit

I will be looking to see that your Dog or Cat is very happy and Well, however if I am concerned I will contact you regarding having a vet check so all is well . The bill will be settled regarding the vet when you return. I will go to the vet in emergency as I would do with my own Dogs and cats if necessary.