About Me

I have always loved animals from a young age and really enjoyed the joy of taking care of Dogs and cats. I got involved in breeding and showing my beautiful Golden Retrievers and received many firsts at shows which was wonderful.

I loved it and showing on the site is a few of many first place certificates I received in the years I loved and showed the Golden Retrievers. The picture shows Bullion and Pearl they were lovely to show and look after.

I love to take care of all dogs it is wonderful to see them come in as puppies and grow up to the beautiful dogs they are today . They make lots of friends and enjoy the company while owners are working or on holidays. It is a wonderful business to run and I love all the cute friendly Dogs that arrive here with all their different personalities they are great to love and look after.

Golden Retriever Certs

Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care Deal

Dogs arrive early morning up till 12 noon closed for lunch Time. The pick up time for Dogs is 5 pm to 6pm closed. Please bring lunch if you wish .

It is €20.00 Daily early morning appointment time till 5pm to 6pm pick up. Monday to Friday Special Deal booking 5 Days pay for 4 Days one Day weekly free €60.00 weekly .

Dogs run free all Day and love the company and love and care they get while you are working they are not left all day alone at home . They love making friends and playing with other dogs or relaxing and wonderful around free with company . There is always rooms open and always available to fall asleep in when tired . Their is always plenty of fresh water ,Lots of pats and treats , love and cuddles, company here in the hotel while owners are working long hours .

Home boarding

This is the Old Church Bay Hotel so the the dogs have plenty of room to stay in and enjoy making friends while they stay here. There is no cages or sheds as dogs are put in rooms as they are at home. There is lots of old chairs and sofas for them to sleep on with soft clean blankets. They have plenty of room to play and enjoy home form home with other family friendly dogs,