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About us

Welcome to Wagging Tails and Purrs a wonderful opportunity to bring your family friendly dogs to make lots of friends and have plenty of fun and company during the day while you are working .

The puppies arrive after their vaccinations and it is special to see them grow up here . They have plenty of room to play and make plenty of friends during their stay here which is wonderful to see.

They love other friendly dogs and play and run about in a very large outdoor area . They have open rooms to wonder in and out as they please and play and rest as they wish. They love lots of cuddles and company too every day they stay .

Week Times

Appointments Monday to Friday. Early Mornings to 12 noon closed for lunch. Pick up and Drop offs Daily 5 pm to 6 pm Closed for Dinner (appointment for weekends available)

Weekend Dog Stay

The Dogs are in rooms as are at home no cages or sheds just a home from home environment which they love as they can cuddle up with their friends the young dogs with similar aged dogs and old dogs can stay with a friend that will suit them .

Saturday and Sunday 5 pm to 6 pm closed for Dinner

Thanks very much.