Welcome To Wagging Tails And Purrs mobile cattery. Cats are kept at home in their own homes which they love and feel happy and secure in as cats love the comforts of home .

I will visit your cats in the morning and evening time giving them the love and care they deserve while you are away. I will give them the food and treats you provide for them and fresh water daily .

They need a clean tray and a check that they are happy and well . I will give them pats and cuddles if they are happy and friendly or just respect their personality if they prefer to watch me come and go.
I really love all cats and the cats in the picture are my beautiful cats I had and loved to look after and will never forget them. They were beautiful and full of fun to own.

My own cat Burlington had 2 beautiful kittens and I kept them and loved them for many years . I am well use to cats and love looking after them. The cattery is only available for local residents in the Crosshaven area.